Friday, September 15, 2017

11: 00 am Social | 11:30 Luncheon
The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo
$23 members | $25 non-members

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Saundra Waecker
CFRW Southern Division
1st VP Programs and SDCFRW
2nd VP Membership
Kathleen Lisson
Certified Lymphedema Therapist,
Board-Certified Massage Therapist,


“They are Working to Destroy America: Unpacking the Resistance”

Saundra Waecker
CFRW Southern Division, 1st VP Programs
SDCFRW 2nd VP Membership

Karen Dale
SDCFRW Legislation Chair

David Frum is one of several authors who wrote and published Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. Frum describes himself as an “angelic troublemaker” and a “former progressive congressional staffer who saw the Tea Party beat back President Obama’s agenda.” Frum and his Progressive cohorts are unifying Democrat activists in an organized effort to undermine President Trump and any Congress man or woman who supports his agenda.

“Make your presence felt on your local elected officials not just once, but day after day, week in, week out. Make them feel that they could lose their individual seats if they do not heed you. They feel the pressure from lobbyists all the time…to succeed, you should be equally focused and persistent. And that requires above all: be motivated by hope, not outrage.” ~David Frum

Their goal? Win as many congressional seats in 2018 and impeach Trump.

Our September 15, 2017 program promises to open your eyes to the real agenda behind the Left and the increasingly violent protests we see and hear about in the media, on Facebook and Twitter. Saundra and Karen will unpack who is behind the Resistance and why in an impactful power point you will not want to miss!



The lymphatic system & how to stay healthy after cancer treatment

Kathleen Lisson is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, a Board-Certified Massage Therapist practicing in San Diego and the author of Swollen, Bloated and Puffy.

​After​ reconstructive and cancer surgery on ​her​ face ​, Kathleen found her calling in help​ing​ other women and families dealing with recovery from surgery. ​She ​specialize​s​ in manual lymphatic drainage, a type of massage that works with the power of your lymphatic system to reduce the effects of post-surgical swelling (plastic and orthopedic surgery) and lymphedema.

According to, more than one out of every three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Her presentation, titled ‘Drain the Swamp!’ will explain our body’s lymphatic system and provide tips on staying healthy after cancer treatment.