Elected Officers

President Patti Hime
Co-1st VP Programs Charlotte Leamy
Co-1st VP Programs Paula Carmichael
Co-2nd VP Membership Connie Munoz
Co-2nd VP Membership Kay Merg
3rd VP Political Activities LaJoyce Robinson
Co-4th VP Ways and Means Judy Fizzard
Co-4th VP Ways and Means Lavada Jurcsak
Treasurer Judy Simeroth
Recording Secretary De Hunold
Corresponding Secretary Teri Wyness


Appointed Officers

Chaplain Julie Carlson
Parliamentarian Jean Anderson
Financial Review Officer Sara Kadowaki


Committee Chairs – Club Business

Advisor Teri Wyness
Americanism OPEN
Awards Chrissy Stone
Community Service Hours OPEN
Directory Anita Edmondson
Literacy/scholarship Karen Boyle
Reservations/Check In Chrissy Stone
** Hostess Jan Stewart
** Hostess Rosalind Duddy
Newsletter Dian Higginbotham
Publicity Vivi-Anne Riordan
Social Media Anita Edmondson
Website Michael Hime


Committee Chairs – Club Activism

Caring for America OPEN
Troop Support Carol Powers
College Republicans OPEN
High School Republicans OPEN
Legislation OPEN
Literacy / Scholarships OPEN
Local Activism OPEN