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Single Payer Healthcare and Why It Will Be Hazardous To Your Health

Talking Points from Waskah Whelan, NCRWF San Diego, California 


  • The centerpiece of Gavin Newsom’s campaign for Governor of California is passage of Single-Payer Healthcare
  • Under Single-Payer, the State Government will pay the doctors and will decide what procedures you are allowed to have.
  • Gavin Newsom and the California Democrat Party are proposing that anyone living in California, legal US Citizens or not, will be covered by this plan.
  • The funding for Single Payer will be paid by taxes on Californians, even though California is already the highest taxed State in the Country.
  • The current California budget is $200 billion per year. Single-Payer Health Care will add $400 billion on top of that. How can we possibly pay for this?
  • Single-Payer Legislation is not a Health Care Program, it is a Health Insurance Program…Everyone is covered, but not everyone will receive the healthcare they need.
  • Based on data from countries that use Single-Payer, there will not be enough Doctors, hospital beds or money to provide free healthcare for all. Single-Payer will deliver sub-standard care, inevitably leading to Rationing for all.
  • Rationing will be based on the patient’s “Quality-Adjusted-Life-Years.” Rationing panels will decide based on your health history if you are too old, too ill, too out-of-shape with too many bad habits (i.e. smoking, obesity) to deserve expensive medical treatments. This is a fact of life in countries using Single-Payer. It’s all about the money and keeping expensive medical treatments away from patients as much as possible.
  • Left-wing Progressives consistently state that the USA spends more on healthcare than other nations and gets worse results. They believe only a Single Payer system can fix the problem. This is not true.
  • In third world countries, less is paid for healthcare, but the tradeoff is lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality.
  • Luckily we have statistics from the world over showing the shortcomings of Government Run (Single-Payer) Healthcare.