How many times as a young person did we hear those words from parents, teachers and mentors. For most of us high school was a time of joy and wonder. We participated in sports, clubs, band and many other activities. Our big worries where studying for finals or who would ask us to the next dance or what collage we might apply to. It was a time of innocence.

Today, in our own community that is not the case for some high school students. They are struggling to have their basic needs met. Imagine how difficult is must be to believe that EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS when you don’t know if you have a place to sleep tonight or where you next meal is coming from.

We will be partnering with Abraxas High School to help meet some of these basic needs for students.

Abraxas serves our community as the Continuation High School for students from across Poway Unified School District. The school is also a center of stable support for many students trying to stay in school and keep life on track while earning their education.

The high school has a year-round calendar “in session” schedule of nine weeks then followed by a three week “intersession break.” During these breaks no lunch is provided at school. Nutrition and grocery support is a daily needs are taken care of through the Safe Center on campus. The Safe Center meets many additional needs such as back packs for students, personal care hygiene and an emergency clothing closet.  While they maintain strict confidentiality in meeting needs. Please know that teens benefit daily from community generosity.

Below is list of items that are needed right now:


Grocery support:

  • Soups (please no dried soups high in sodium, healthy options are required by law)
  • Canned or foil packaged Chile, beans, lentils or other healthy options
  • Pasta, rice, dried beans and accompanying sauces
  • Canned / nonperishable fruit
  • Ready to eat meals

Personal care items:

  • Deodorant (Male and Female)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Toothpaste / Toothbrushes / Dental Floss

Gift cards & Donations:

  • $38 denomination from Vons or Albertsons specifically to assist in monthly MTS bus passes for students
  • $25 denomination for Target, Walmart, Stater Bros, Vons, or Sprouts are always helpful
  • $25 denomination for shoes or clothing stores
  • Donations to cover $140 HiSet fee (High School Equivalency Test)

Please contact Tammy Coleman, Caring for America Chair, with any questions:
(858) 722-3201,